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Pronunciation of Coring: Learn how to pronounce Coring in English correctly

Learn how to say Coring correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word core:

the hard, central part of an apple, pear, etc., that contains the seeds
the central or innermost part of anything
the most important part, as of a matter, discussion, etc.; essence; pith
in foundry work, that part of a mold which forms the interior of a hollow casting
a cylindrical sample of earth strata, as of rock, soil, snow, or ice, that is removed from the ground or ocean floor by boring with a long hollow drill and used to study the various layers of material that were deposited over a long period of geologic time
the central region of a nuclear reactor that contains the fissile fuel, and usually, control rods, moderator, etc.
the wood center to which outer layers of veneer are attached
(chemistry) the nucleus together with the closed electron shells of an atom; kernel
(electricity) a mass of magnetic material placed inside a wire coil, serving to channel and increase the strength of the magnetic field resulting from current in the coil
(geology) the central zone inside the earth that begins at a depth of c. 2,900 km ( c. 1,800 mi): it is extremely hot and has a liquid outer part and a solid inner part that are thought to be composed of iron and nickel