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Pronunciation of Cop: Learn how to pronounce Cop in English correctly

Learn how to say Cop correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cop:

1a police officer:
a cop in a patrol car gave chase
2 (also cop-on) [mass noun] Irish shrewdness; practical intelligence:
he had the cop-on to stay clear of Hugh Thornley
verb (cops, copping, copped)
[with object]
1catch or arrest (an offender):
he was copped for speeding
incur (something unwelcome):
England’s captain copped most of the blame
(cop it) British get into trouble:
will you cop it from your dad if you get back late?
(cop it) British be killed:
he almost copped it in a horrific accident
2receive or attain (something welcome):
she copped an award for her role in the film
US obtain (an illegal drug):
he copped some hash for me
3North American strike (an attitude or pose):
I copped an attitude—I acted real tough