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Pronunciation of Coolness: Learn how to pronounce Coolness in English correctly

Learn how to say Coolness correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cool:

moderately cold; neither warm nor very cold
tending to reduce discomfort in warm or hot weather ⇒ cool clothes
not excited; calm; composed ⇒ cool in an emergency
(US) marked by control of the emotions; restrained ⇒ cool jazz
(slang) emotionally uninvolved; uncommitted; dispassionate
showing dislike or indifference; not cordial ⇒ a cool manner
calmly impudent or bold
not suggesting warmth (said of colors in the blue-green end of the spectrum)
(informal) without exaggeration ⇒ he won a cool thousand dollars
(US, slang) very good, pleasing, etc.; excellent
in a cool manner
a cool place, time, thing, part, etc. ⇒ the cool of the evening
(US, slang) cool, dispassionate attitude or manner
intransitive verb
to become cool or colder
transitive verb
to make cool or colder