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Pronunciation of Convert: Learn how to pronounce Convert in English correctly

Learn how to say Convert correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word convert:

transitive verb
to change from one form or use to another; transform ⇒ convert grain into flour
to cause to change as from one religion, doctrine, or course to another
to exchange for something equal in value
to exchange (preferred stock, bonds, etc.) for another kind or class of security, esp. common stock
to exchange (a currency) for an equivalent amount of another currency or precious metal
(American football, rugby) to make (the extra point or points of a conversion) after a touchdown or try
to appropriate or use (another’s property) by conversion (sense 5), conversion (sense 5a)
to change (property) from real to personal, or the reverse
(logic) to change (a proposition) by conversion
intransitive verb
to be converted
(US, bowling) to knock down all of the standing pins on the second bowl, scoring a spare
(US, American football, rugby) to make a conversion
a person converted, as to a religion
change, transˈform