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Pronunciation of Conversions: Learn how to pronounce Conversions in English correctly

Learn how to say Conversions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word conversion:

a change or adaptation in form, character, or function
something changed in one of these respects
a change to another attitude or belief, as in a change of religion
(mathematics) a change in the units or form of a number or expression ⇒ the conversion of miles to kilometres involves multiplying by 1.61
(logic) a form of inference by which one proposition is obtained as the converse of another proposition
unauthorized dealing with or the assumption of rights of ownership to another’s personal property
the changing of real property into personalty or personalty into realty
(rugby) a score made after a try by kicking the ball over the crossbar from a place kick
(physics) a change of fertile material to fissile material in a reactor
an alteration to a car engine to improve its performance
(as modifier) ⇒ a conversion kit
material alteration to the structure or fittings of a building undergoing a change in function or legal status
(New Zealand) the unauthorized appropriation of a motor vehicle
Derived Forms
conˈversional, conˈversionary adjective
Word Origin
C14: from Latin conversiō a turning around; see convert