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Pronunciation of Conventions: Learn how to pronounce Conventions in English correctly

Learn how to say Conventions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word convention:

a large formal assembly of a group with common interests, such as a political party or trade union
the persons attending such an assembly
(US, politics) an assembly of delegates of one party to select candidates for office
(diplomacy) an international agreement second only to a treaty in formality ⇒ a telecommunications convention
any agreement, compact, or contract
the most widely accepted or established view of what is thought to be proper behaviour, good taste, etc
an accepted rule, usage, etc ⇒ a convention used by printers
Also called: conventional (bridge) a bid or play not to be taken at its face value, which one’s partner can interpret according to a prearranged bidding system
Word Origin
C15: from Latin conventiō an assembling, agreeing