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Pronunciation of Conveniently: Learn how to pronounce Conveniently in English correctly

Learn how to say Conveniently correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word conveniently:

in a way that is suitable or opportune ⇒ I wore the ring constantly until my fingers and my ideals outgrew it, which conveniently occurred at about the same time.
in a way that avoids something difficult or unpleasant ⇒ Conveniently, he had developed amnesia about that part of his life. ⇒ Why is it that whenever we come to something you don’t want to talk about, you conveniently lose your memory? ⇒ a war which most of the world has conveniently forgotten
in a way that is close by or easily accessible ⇒ It was very conveniently situated just across the road from the City Reference Library. ⇒ two conveniently placed pushbuttons