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Pronunciation of Controllable: Learn how to pronounce Controllable in English correctly

Learn how to say Controllable correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word control:

transitive verb
Word forms: conˈtrolled, conˈtrolling
(obsolete) to check or verify (payments, accounts, etc.) by comparison with a duplicate register
to regulate (financial affairs)
to verify (an experiment) by comparison with a standard or by other experiments
to exercise authority over; direct; command
to operate or regulate ⇒ this knob controls the volume of sound
to hold back; curb; restrain ⇒ control your grief
the act or fact of controlling; power to direct or regulate; ability to use effectively ⇒ her control over her passions, the violinist’s control of his vibrato
the condition of being directed or restrained; restraint ⇒ the car went out of control
a means of controlling; check ⇒ wage and price controls
a standard of comparison for verifying or checking the findings of an experiment; specif., such a standard obtained by withholding the substance, treatment, drug, etc. being tested
an instrument or apparatus to regulate a mechanism (usually used in pl.)
a device used to adjust or control ⇒ the volume control on an amplifier
a spirit supposed to direct the actions and speech of a spiritualistic medium
ˈconˌduct, ˈpower
Derived Forms
conˌtrollaˈbility noun
conˈtrollable adjective