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Pronunciation of Contrasted: Learn how to pronounce Contrasted in English correctly

Learn how to say Contrasted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word contrast:

(kənˈtrɑːst Pronunciation for )
(often followed by with) to distinguish or be distinguished by comparison of unlike or opposite qualities
(ˈkɒntrɑːst Pronunciation for )
distinction or emphasis of difference by comparison of opposite or dissimilar things, qualities, etc (esp in the phrases by contrast, in contrast to or with)
a person or thing showing notable differences when compared with another
(in painting) the effect of the juxtaposition of different colours, tones, etc
(of a photographic emulsion) the degree of density measured against exposure used
the extent to which adjacent areas of an optical image, esp on a television screen or in a photographic negative or print, differ in brightness
(psychology) the phenomenon that when two different but related stimuli are presented close together in space and/or time they are perceived as being more different than they really are