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Pronunciation of Contracted: Learn how to pronounce Contracted in English correctly

Learn how to say Contracted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word contract:

(kənˈtrækt Pronunciation for )
to make or become smaller, narrower, shorter, etc ⇒ metals contract as the temperature is reduced
(ˈkɒntrækt Pronunciation for ) when intr, sometimes foll by for; when tr, may take an infinitive to enter into an agreement with (a person, company, etc) to deliver (goods or services) or to do (something) on mutually agreed and binding terms, often in writing
to draw or be drawn together; coalesce or cause to coalesce
(transitive) to acquire, incur, or become affected by (a disease, liability, debt, etc)
(transitive) to shorten (a word or phrase) by the omission of letters or syllables, usually indicated in writing by an apostrophe
(phonetics) to unite (two vowels) or (of two vowels) to be united within a word or at a word boundary so that a new long vowel or diphthong is formed
(transitive) to wrinkle or draw together (the brow or a muscle)
(transitive) to arrange (a marriage) for; betroth