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Pronunciation of Contenting: Learn how to pronounce Contenting in English correctly

Learn how to say Contenting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word content:

(often plural) everything that is inside a container ⇒ the contents of a box
(usually plural)
the chapters or divisions of a book
a list, printed at the front of a book, of chapters or divisions together with the number of the first page of each
the meaning or significance of a poem, painting, or other work of art, as distinguished from its style or form
all that is contained or dealt with in a discussion, piece of writing, etc; substance
the capacity or size of a thing
the proportion of a substance contained in an alloy, mixture, etc ⇒ the lead content of petrol
Word Origin
C15: from Latin contentus contained, from continēre to contain