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Pronunciation of Contaminated: Learn how to pronounce Contaminated in English correctly

Learn how to say Contaminated correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word contaminate:

transitive verb
Word forms: conˈtamiˌnated, conˈtamiˌnating
to make impure, infected, corrupt, radioactive, etc. by contact with or addition of something; pollute; defile; sully; taint
contaminate means to make impure, unclean, or unfit for use through contact or addition [fumes were contaminating the air ]; taint emphasizes effect over cause and implies that some measure of decay or corruption has taken place [tainted food ]; pollute implies complete befoulment, decay, or corruption through contamination; defile1 implies pollution or desecration of that which should be held sacred
Derived Forms
conˈtamiˌnative adjective
conˈtamiˌnator noun