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Pronunciation of Contacted: Learn how to pronounce Contacted in English correctly

Learn how to say Contacted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word contact:

the act or state of touching or meeting ⇒ two surfaces in contact
the state or fact of being in touch, communication, or association (with) ⇒ to come into contact with new ideas
an acquaintance, esp. one who is influential
a connection with such a person ⇒ his contacts at city hall
a connection or point of connection between two conductors in a circuit
a device for opening and closing such a connection
(medicine) a person who may have caught a disease from an infected person
contact lens (usually used in pl.)
transitive verb
to place in contact
to come into contact with
(US) to get in touch or communication with
intransitive verb
to be in or come into contact
of, involving, or relating to contact
by means of contact flying