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Pronunciation of Construct: Learn how to pronounce Construct in English correctly

Learn how to say Construct correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word construct:

(kənˈstrʌkt Pronunciation for ) (transitive)
to put together substances or parts, esp systematically, in order to make or build (a building, bridge, etc); assemble
to compose or frame mentally (an argument, sentence, etc)
(geometry) to draw (a line, angle, or figure) so that certain requirements are satisfied
(ˈkɒnstrʌkt Pronunciation for )
something formulated or built systematically
a complex idea resulting from a synthesis of simpler ideas
(psychology) a model devised on the basis of observation, designed to relate what is observed to some theoretical framework
Derived Forms
conˈstructible adjective
conˈstructor, conˈstructer noun
Word Origin
C17: from Latin constructus piled up, from construere to heap together, build, from struere to arrange, erect