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Pronunciation of Constable: Learn how to pronounce Constable in English correctly

Learn how to say Constable correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word constable:

(in Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc) a police officer of the lowest rank
any of various officers of the peace, esp one who arrests offenders, serves writs, etc
the keeper or governor of a royal castle or fortress
(in medieval Europe) the chief military officer and functionary of a royal household, esp in France and England
an officer of a hundred in medieval England, originally responsible for raising the military levy but later assigned other administrative duties
Derived Forms
ˈconstableˌship noun
Word Origin
C13: from Old French, from Late Latin comes stabulī officer in charge of the stable, from Latin comes comrade + stabulum dwelling, stable; see also count²