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Pronunciation of Consciousness: Learn how to pronounce Consciousness in English correctly

Learn how to say Consciousness correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word consciousness:

your consciousness is your mind and your thoughts ⇒ That idea has been creeping into my consciousness for some time. ⇒ Doubts were starting to enter into my consciousness.
the consciousness of a group of people is their set of ideas, attitudes, and beliefs ⇒ The Greens were the catalysts of a necessary change in the European consciousness. ⇒ This is a novel that has become imprinted on the English consciousness.
you use consciousness to refer to an interest in and knowledge of a particular subject or idea ⇒ Her political consciousness sprang from her upbringing.
the state of being awake rather than being asleep or unconscious ⇒ He drifted in and out of consciousness.
to lose consciousness if someone loses consciousness, they become unconscious ⇒ I lost consciousness. ⇒ She banged her head and lost consciousness.
to regain consciousness if someone regains consciousness, they become conscious after being unconscious ⇒ When Marlette regained consciousness he found himself lying on a cold, hard concrete floor.