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Pronunciation of Connexion: Learn how to pronounce Connexion in English correctly

Learn how to say Connexion correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word connexion:

(British) = connection
the act or state of connecting; union
something that connects, joins, or relates; link or bond
a relationship or association
logical sequence in thought or expression; coherence
the relation of a word or phrase to its context ⇒ in this connection the word has no political significance
(often plural) an acquaintance, esp one who is influential or has prestige
a relative, esp if distant and related by marriage
an opportunity to transfer from one train, bus, aircraft, ship, etc, to another
the vehicle, aircraft, etc, scheduled to provide such an opportunity
(plural) (New Zealand) the persons owning or controlling a racehorse
a link, usually a wire or metallic strip, between two components in an electric circuit or system
a communications link between two points, esp by telephone
(slang) a supplier of illegal drugs, such as heroin
(rare) sexual intercourse
(rare) a small sect or religious group united by a body of distinct beliefs or practices
Derived Forms
conˈnectional, conˈnexional adjective