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Pronunciation of Connect: Learn how to pronounce Connect in English correctly

Learn how to say Connect correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word connect:

to link or be linked together; join; fasten
(transitive) to relate or associate ⇒ I connect him with my childhood
(transitive) to establish telephone communications with or between
(intransitive) to be meaningful or meaningfully related
(intransitive) (of two public vehicles, such as trains or buses) to have the arrival of one timed to occur just before the departure of the other, for the convenient transfer of passengers
(intransitive) (informal) to hit, punch, kick, etc, solidly
(intransitive) (US & Canadian, informal) to be successful
(intransitive) (slang) to find a source of drugs, esp illegal drugs
Derived Forms
conˈnectible, conˈnectable adjective
conˈnector, conˈnecter noun
Word Origin
C17: from Latin connectere to bind together, from nectere to bind, tie