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Pronunciation of Configuration: Learn how to pronounce Configuration in English correctly

Learn how to say Configuration correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word configuration:

the arrangement of the parts of something
the external form or outline achieved by such an arrangement
(physics, chemistry)
Also called: conformation. the shape of a molecule as determined by the arrangement of its atoms
the structure of an atom or molecule as determined by the arrangement of its electrons and nucleons
(psychology) the unit or pattern in perception studied by Gestalt psychologists
(computing) the particular choice of hardware items and their interconnection that make up a particular computer system
Derived Forms
conˌfiguˈrational, conˈfigurative adjective
conˌfiguˈrationally adverb
Word Origin
C16: from Late Latin configūrātiō a similar formation, from configūrāre to model on something, from figūrāre to shape, fashion