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Pronunciation of Concreted: Learn how to pronounce Concreted in English correctly

Learn how to say Concreted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word concrete:

a construction material made of a mixture of cement, sand, stone, and water that hardens to a stonelike mass
(as modifier) ⇒ a concrete slab
(physics) a rigid mass formed by the coalescence of separate particles
relating to a particular instance or object; specific as opposed to general ⇒ a concrete example
relating to or characteristic of things capable of being perceived by the senses, as opposed to abstractions
(as noun) ⇒ the concrete
formed by the coalescence of particles; condensed; solid
(transitive) to construct in or cover with concrete
(kənˈkriːt) . to become or cause to become solid; coalesce
Derived Forms
ˈconcretely adverb
ˈconcreteness noun
conˈcretive adjective
conˈcretively adverb
Word Origin
C14: from Latin concrētus grown together, hardened, from concrēscere; see concrescence