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Pronunciation of Composites: Learn how to pronounce Composites in English correctly

Learn how to say Composites correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word composite:

formed of distinct parts; compound
([C-]) designating or of a classical Roman order of architecture, in which the scroll-like ornaments of the Ionic capital are combined with the acanthus design of the Corinthian
(botany) designating the largest family (Asteraceae, order Asterales) of dicotyledonous plants, including the daisy, thistle, artichoke, and chrysanthemum, characterized by flower heads composed of dense clusters of small flowers surrounded by a ring of small leaves or bracts
a thing of distinct parts; compound; esp., any of a class of high-strength, lightweight engineering materials consisting of various combinations of alloys, plastics, and ceramics
(botany) a composite plant
Derived Forms
comĖˆpositely adverb