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Pronunciation of Complementor: Learn how to pronounce Complementor in English correctly

Learn how to say Complementor correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word complement:

that which completes or brings to perfection
the amount or number needed to fill or complete
a complete set; entirety
something added to complete a whole; either of two parts that complete each other
(grammar) a word or group of words that, with the verb, completes the meaning and syntactic structure of the predicate (Ex.: foreman in “make him foreman,” paid in “he expects to get paid”)
(immunology) a complex series of proteins in the blood plasma that acts with specific antibodies to destroy corresponding antigens, as bacteria or foreign proteins
(ancient mathematics)
the number of degrees that must be added to a given angle or arc to make it equal 90 degrees
the subset which must be added to any given subset to yield the original set
(music) the difference between a given interval and the complete octave
(nautical) all of a ship’s personnel, including the officers, required to operate a ship
transitive verb
to make complete; be a complement to