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Pronunciation of Compatibility: Learn how to pronounce Compatibility in English correctly

Learn how to say Compatibility correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word compatible:

capable of living together harmoniously or getting along well together (with)
in agreement; congruent (with)
that can work well together, get along well together, combine well, etc. ⇒ a compatible couple, compatible colors
that can function or be used together without change or alteration
that can be mixed without reacting chemically or interfering with one another’s action or state: said of drugs, insecticides, etc.
(botany) that can be cross-fertilized or grafted readily
(computing) designating or of
computer components, software, etc. that can be used with a specified computer or computer system (often in hyphenated compounds)
computers or computer systems that can use the same components, software, etc.