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Pronunciation of Commonest: Learn how to pronounce Commonest in English correctly

Learn how to say Commonest correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word common:

belonging equally to, or shared by, two or more or by all ⇒ the common interests of a group
belonging or relating to the community at large; public ⇒ common carriers
widely existing; general; prevalent ⇒ common knowledge
widely but unfavorably known ⇒ a common criminal
met with or occurring frequently; familiar; usual ⇒ a common sight
basic; simple; rudimentary ⇒ common courtesy
not of the upper classes; of the masses ⇒ the common man
having no rank ⇒ a common soldier
below ordinary; inferior ⇒ common ware
not refined; vulgar; low; coarse
(anatomy) formed of or dividing into branches
designating a noun that refers to any of a group or class, as book, apple, street see also proper
designating gender that can be either masculine or feminine ⇒ the word child is of common gender
(ancient mathematics) belonging equally to two or more quantities ⇒ a common denominator
(US, [sometimes pl.]) land owned or used by all the inhabitants of a place; tract of open public land, esp. as a park in a city or town
([often C-], ecclesiastical)
the office or service suitable for any of a class of festivals
the ordinary of the Mass
(law) the right that a person has, in common with the owner or others, in the land or waters of another