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Pronunciation of Committed: Learn how to pronounce Committed in English correctly

Learn how to say Committed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word commit:

transitive verb
Word forms: comˈmitted, comˈmitting
to give in charge or trust; deliver for safekeeping; entrust; consign ⇒ we commit his fame to posterity
to put officially in custody or confinement ⇒ committed to prison
to hand over or set apart to be disposed of or put to some purpose ⇒ to commit something to the trash heap
to do or perpetrate (an offense or crime)
to bind as by a promise; pledge; engage ⇒ committed to the struggle
to make known the opinions or views of ⇒ to commit oneself on an issue
to refer (a bill, etc.) to a committee to be considered
intransitive verb
(informal) to make a pledge or promise (often with to)