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Pronunciation of Commits: Learn how to pronounce Commits in English correctly

Learn how to say Commits correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word commit:

-mits, -mitting, -mitted (transitive)
to hand over, as for safekeeping; charge; entrust ⇒ to commit a child to the care of its aunt
See commit to memory
to confine officially or take into custody ⇒ to commit someone to prison
(usually passive) to pledge or align (oneself), as to a particular cause, action, or attitude ⇒ a committed radical
to order (forces) into action
to perform (a crime, error, etc); do; perpetrate
to surrender, esp for destruction ⇒ she committed the letter to the fire
to refer (a bill, etc) to a committee of a legislature
Derived Forms
comˈmittable adjective
comˈmitter noun
Word Origin
C14: from Latin committere to join, from com- together + mittere to put, send