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Pronunciation of Commissions: Learn how to pronounce Commissions in English correctly

Learn how to say Commissions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word commission:

an authorization to perform certain duties or tasks, or to take on certain powers
a document giving such authorization
authority to act in behalf of another
that which a person is authorized to do for another
the state of being authorized to perform certain duties or tasks
an entrusting, as of power and authority, to a person or body
the act of committing or doing; perpetration, as of a crime
a group of people officially appointed to perform specified duties
an administrative agency of the government with quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative powers
a type of municipal governing body see also commission plan
a fee or a percentage of the proceeds paid to a salesperson, broker, etc., either in addition to, or in lieu of, wages or salary
(military history)
an official certificate conferring rank; specif., a document issued by the government, making one a commissioned officer in the U.S. armed forces
the rank or authority conferred
transitive verb
to give a commission to
to give power or authority to; authorize
to give an order for (a thing to be made or done)
to put (a vessel) into service