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Pronunciation of Colony: Learn how to pronounce Colony in English correctly

Learn how to say Colony correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word colony:

(plural) -nies
a body of people who settle in a country distant from their homeland but maintain ties with it
the community formed by such settlers
a subject territory occupied by a settlement from the ruling state
a community of people who form a national, racial, or cultural minority ⇒ an artists’ colony, the American colony in London
the area itself
a group of the same type of animal or plant living or growing together, esp in large numbers
an interconnected group of polyps of a colonial organism
(bacteriology) a group of bacteria, fungi, etc, derived from one or a few spores, esp when grown on a culture medium
Word Origin
C16: from Latin colōnia, from colere to cultivate, inhabit