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Pronunciation of Collects: Learn how to pronounce Collects in English correctly

Learn how to say Collects correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word collect:

to gather together or be gathered together
to accumulate (stamps, books, etc) as a hobby or for study
(transitive) to call for or receive payment of (taxes, dues, etc)
(transitive) to regain control of (oneself, one’s emotions, etc) as after a shock or surprise ⇒ he collected his wits
(transitive) to fetch; pick up ⇒ collect your own post, he collected the children after school
(intransitive) sometimes foll by on (slang) to receive large sums of money, as from an investment ⇒ he really collected when the will was read
(transitive) (Australian & New Zealand, informal) to collide with; be hit by
See collect on delivery
adverb, adjective
(US) (of telephone calls) on a reverse-charge basis
(Australian, informal) a winning bet
Word Origin
C16: from Latin collēctus collected, from colligere to gather together, from com- together + legere to gather