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Pronunciation of Collarless: Learn how to pronounce Collarless in English correctly

Learn how to say Collarless correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word collar:

the part of a garment around the neck and shoulders, often detachable or folded over
any band, necklace, garland, etc, encircling the neck ⇒ a collar of flowers
a band or chain of leather, rope, or metal placed around an animal’s neck to restrain, harness, or identify it
(biology) a marking or structure resembling a collar, such as that found around the necks of some birds or at the junction of a stem and a root
a section of a shaft or rod having a locally increased diameter to provide a bearing seat or a locating ring
a cut of meat, esp bacon, taken from around the neck of an animal
See hot under the collar
verb (transitive)
to put a collar on; furnish with a collar
to seize by the collar
(informal) to seize; arrest; detain