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Pronunciation of Clubs: Learn how to pronounce Clubs in English correctly

Learn how to say Clubs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word club:

a heavy stick, usually thinner at one end, used as a weapon
anything used to threaten or coerce
golf club
Indian club
a group of people associated for a common purpose or mutual advantage, usually in an organization that meets regularly see also book club
the room, building, or facilities used by such a group
an organization that owns, controls, or sponsors an athletic team
the team playing for or representing such an organization
a nightclub
any of a suit of playing cards marked with black figures shaped like a cloverleaf (♣)
([pl., with sing. or pl. v.]) this suit of cards
transitive verb
Word forms: clubbed, ˈclubbing
to beat or strike as with a club
to combine or pool (resources, etc.) for a common purpose
to unite for a common purpose
to use (a rifle or the like) as a club by hitting with the butt end
intransitive verb
to unite or combine for a common purpose
(rare) to form into a clublike mass