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Pronunciation of Clout: Learn how to pronounce Clout in English correctly

Learn how to say Clout correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clout:

(informal) a blow with the hand or a hard object
power or influence, esp in politics
the target used in long-distance shooting
the centre of this target
a shot that hits the centre
Also called: clout nail. a short, flat-headed nail used esp for attaching sheet metal to wood
(British, dialect)
a piece of cloth ⇒ a dish clout
a garment
a patch
verb (transitive)
(informal) to give a hard blow to, esp with the hand
to patch with a piece of cloth or leather
Derived Forms
ˈclouter noun
Word Origin
Old English clūt piece of metal or cloth, clūtian to patch (C14: to strike with the hand); related to Dutch kluit a lump, and to clod