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Pronunciation of Clouds: Learn how to pronounce Clouds in English correctly

Learn how to say Clouds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cloud:

a mass of water or ice particles visible in the sky, usually white or grey, from which rain or snow falls when the particles coagulate See also cirrus, cumulonimbus, cumulus, stratus
any collection of particles visible in the air, esp of smoke or dust
a large number of insects or other small animals in flight
something that darkens, threatens, or carries gloom
(jewellery) a cloudlike blemish in a transparent stone
(modifier) of or relating to cloud computing ⇒ a cloud application
See in the clouds
See under a cloud
See on cloud nine
when intr, often foll by over or up to make or become cloudy, overcast, or indistinct
(transitive) to make obscure; darken
(transitive) to confuse or impair ⇒ emotion clouded his judgment
to make or become gloomy or depressed
(transitive) to place under or render liable to suspicion or disgrace
to render (liquids) milky or dull or (of liquids) to become milky or dull
to become or render mottled or variegated
Derived Forms
ˈcloudless adjective
ˈcloudlessly adverb
ˈcloudlessness noun
ˈcloudˌlike adjective
Word Origin
C13 (in the sense: a mass of vapour): from Old English clūd rock, hill; probably related to clod