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Pronunciation of Clinch: Learn how to pronounce Clinch in English correctly

Learn how to say Clinch correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clinch:

transitive verb
to secure (a nail, bolt, etc. that has been driven through something) by bending or flattening the projecting end
to fasten firmly together by this means
to settle (an argument, bargain, etc.) definitely
to make sure of winning; win conclusively
intransitive verb
(US, boxing) to grip the opponent’s body with one or both arms so as to hinder punching effectiveness
(US, slang) to embrace
a fastening, as with a clinched nail
the bent or flattened part of a clinched nail, bolt, etc.
(US, boxing) an act of clinching
(US, slang) an embrace
Word Origin
var. of clench