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Pronunciation of Clearing: Learn how to pronounce Clearing in English correctly

Learn how to say Clearing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clear:

free from darkness or obscurity; bright
(of weather) free from dullness or clouds
transparent ⇒ clear water
even and pure in tone or colour ⇒ clear blue
without discoloration, blemish, or defect ⇒ a clear skin
easy to see or hear; distinct
free from doubt or confusion ⇒ his instructions are not clear
(postpositive) certain in the mind; sure ⇒ are you clear?
(in combination) perceptive, alert ⇒ clear-headed
evident or obvious ⇒ it is clear that he won’t come now
(of sounds or the voice) not harsh or hoarse
serene; calm
without qualification or limitation; complete ⇒ a clear victory
free of suspicion, guilt, or blame ⇒ a clear conscience
free of obstruction; open ⇒ a clear passage
free from debt or obligation
(of money, profits, etc) without deduction; net
emptied of freight or cargo
(of timber) having a smooth, unblemished surface
Also: in clear. (of a message, etc) not in code
Also: light (phonetics) denoting an (l) in whose articulation the main part of the tongue is brought forward giving the sound of a front-vowel timbre
(showjumping) (of a round) ridden without any fences being knocked down or any points being lost
in a clear or distinct manner
completely or utterly
(postpositive) often foll by of not in contact (with); free ⇒ stand clear of the gates
a clear space
another word for clearance
See in the clear