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Pronunciation of Cleanest: Learn how to pronounce Cleanest in English correctly

Learn how to say Cleanest correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clean:

without dirt or other impurities; unsoiled
without anything in it or on it ⇒ a clean page
recently washed; fresh
without extraneous or foreign materials
without defect, difficulties, or problems ⇒ a clean test flight
(of a nuclear weapon) producing little or no radioactive fallout or contamination
uncontaminated Compare dirty (sense 11)
(of a wound, etc) having no pus or other sign of infection
pure; morally sound
without objectionable language or obscenity ⇒ a clean joke
(of printer’s proofs, etc) relatively free from errors; easily readable ⇒ clean copy
thorough or complete ⇒ a clean break
dexterous or adroit ⇒ a clean throw
(sport) played fairly and without fouls
simple in design ⇒ a ship’s clean lines
(aeronautics) causing little turbulence; streamlined
(of an aircraft) having no projections, such as rockets, flaps, etc, into the airstream
honourable or respectable
habitually neat
(esp of a driving licence) showing or having no record of offences
innocent; not guilty
not carrying illegal drugs, weapons, etc
(nautical, of a vessel)
having its bottom clean
having a satisfactory bill of health
(Old Testament)
(of persons) free from ceremonial defilement
(of animals, birds, and fish) lawful to eat
(New Testament) morally and spiritually pure
See clean sweep
to make or become free of dirt, filth, etc ⇒ the stove cleans easily
(transitive) to remove in making clean ⇒ to clean marks off the wall
(transitive) to prepare (fish, poultry, etc) for cooking ⇒ to clean a chicken
in a clean way; cleanly
(not standard) (intensifier) ⇒ clean forgotten, clean dead
See clean bowled
See come clean
the act or an instance of cleaning ⇒ he gave his shoes a clean