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Pronunciation of Claws: Learn how to pronounce Claws in English correctly

Learn how to say Claws correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word claw:

a curved pointed horny process on the end of each digit in birds, some reptiles, and certain mammals
a corresponding structure in some invertebrates, such as the pincer of a crab
a part or member like a claw in function or appearance
(botany) the narrow basal part of certain petals and sepals
to scrape, tear, or dig (something or someone) with claws, etc
(transitive) to create by scratching as with claws ⇒ to claw an opening
Derived Forms
ˈclawer noun
ˈclawless adjective
Word Origin
Old English clawu; related to Old High German kluwi, Sanskrit glau- ball, sphere