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Pronunciation of Class: Learn how to pronounce Class in English correctly

Learn how to say Class correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word class:

a collection or division of people or things sharing a common characteristic, attribute, quality, or property
a group of persons sharing a similar social position and certain economic, political, and cultural characteristics
(in Marxist theory) a group of persons sharing the same relationship to the means of production
the pattern of divisions that exist within a society on the basis of rank, economic status, etc
(as modifier) ⇒ the class struggle, class distinctions
a group of pupils or students who are taught and study together
a meeting of a group of students for tuition
(mainly US) a group of students who graduated in a specified year ⇒ the class of ’53
(in combination and as modifier) (British) a grade of attainment in a university honours degree ⇒ second-class honours
one of several standards of accommodation in public transport See also first class, second class, third class
(informal) excellence or elegance, esp in dress, design, or behaviour ⇒ that girl’s got class
(as modifier) ⇒ a class act
outstanding speed and stamina in a racehorse
(as modifier) ⇒ the class horse in the race
(biology) any of the taxonomic groups into which a phylum is divided and which contains one or more orders. Amphibia, Reptilia, and Mammalia are three classes of phylum Chordata
(mathematics, logic)
another name for set2 (sense 3)
See proper class
See in a class of its own
to have or assign a place within a group, grade, or class