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Pronunciation of Clashing: Learn how to pronounce Clashing in English correctly

Learn how to say Clashing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clash:

1a violent confrontation:
there have been minor clashes with security forces
an incompatibility leading to disagreement:
a personality clash
British a sports fixture (used chiefly in journalism):
the Euro 2000 clash between England and Germany
2a mismatch of colours:
a clash of tweeds and a striped shirt
3an inconvenient coincidence of the timing of events or activities:
it is hoped that clashes of dates will be avoided
4a loud jarring sound, as of metal objects being struck together:
a clash of cymbals
[no object]
1meet and come into violent conflict:
protestors demanding self-rule clashed with police
have a forceful disagreement:
the prime minister clashed with other Commonwealth leaders
be incompatible or at odds:
his thriftiness clashed with Ross’s largesse
British (in reference to sports teams) play a match (used chiefly in journalism):
the two sides clashed in a goalless draw at Old Trafford in November
2(of colours) appear discordant or ugly when placed close to each other:
(as adjective clashing)
suits in clashing colours
3inconveniently occur at the same time:
we play our home games when they do not clash with those of Liverpool or Everton
4 [with object] strike (cymbals) together, producing a loud discordant sound.
early 16th century: imitative