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Pronunciation of Clam: Learn how to pronounce Clam in English correctly

Learn how to say Clam correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clam:

1a marine bivalve mollusc with shells of equal size.
Subclass Heterodonta: several families and numerous species, including the edible North American hardshell clam (see quahog) and softshell clam. See also giant clam
informal any of a number of edible bivalve molluscs, e.g. a scallop.
2US informal a dollar.
verb (clams, clamming, clammed)
[no object]
1chiefly North American dig for or collect clams:
(as noun clamming)
November is one of the worst times for clamming
2 (clam up) informal abruptly stop talking:
as soon as I ask if any of this can go on the record, he clams up
early 16th century: apparently from earlier clam ‘a clamp’, from Old English clam, clamm ‘a bond or bondage’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch klemme, German Klemme, also to clamp1