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Pronunciation of Clam: Learn how to pronounce Clam in English correctly

Learn how to say Clam correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word clam:

any of various burrowing bivalve molluscs of the genera Mya, Venus, etc. Many species, such as the quahog and soft-shell clam, are edible and Tridacna gigas is the largest known bivalve, nearly 1.5 metres long
the edible flesh of such a mollusc
(informal) a reticent person
Word forms: clams, clamming, clammed
(intransitive) (mainly US) to gather clams
See also
clam up
Word Origin
C16: from earlier clamshell, that is, shell that clamps; related to Old English clamm fetter, Old High German klamma constriction; see clamp1