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Pronunciation of Circuition: Learn how to pronounce Circuition in English correctly

Learn how to say Circuition correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word circuit:

a complete route or course, esp one that is curved or circular or that lies around an object
the area enclosed within such a route
the act of following such a route ⇒ we made three circuits of the course
a complete path through which an electric current can flow
(as modifier) ⇒ a circuit diagram
a periodical journey around an area, as made by judges, salesmen, etc
the route traversed or places visited on such a journey
the persons making such a journey
an administrative division of the Methodist Church comprising a number of neighbouring churches
(English law) one of six areas into which England is divided for the administration of justice
a number of theatres, cinemas, etc, under one management or in which the same film is shown or in which a company of performers plays in turn
a series of tournaments in which the same players regularly take part ⇒ the international tennis circuit
See the circuit
(mainly British) a motor racing track, usually of irregular shape
to make or travel in a circuit around (something)