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Pronunciation of Chorusing: Learn how to pronounce Chorusing in English correctly

Learn how to say Chorusing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chorus:

(plural) -ruses
a large choir of singers or a piece of music composed for such a choir
a body of singers or dancers who perform together, in contrast to principals or soloists
a section of a song in which a soloist is joined by a group of singers, esp in a recurring refrain
an intermediate section of a pop song, blues, etc, as distinct from the verse
(jazz) any of a series of variations on a theme
(in ancient Greece)
a lyric poem sung by a group of dancers, originally as a religious rite
an ode or series of odes sung by a group of actors
(in classical Greek drama) the actors who sang the chorus and commented on the action of the play
actors playing a similar role in any drama
(esp in Elizabethan drama) the actor who spoke the prologue, etc
the part of the play spoken by this actor
a group of people or animals producing words or sounds simultaneously
any speech, song, or other utterance produced by a group of people or animals simultaneously ⇒ a chorus of sighs, the dawn chorus
See in chorus
to speak, sing, or utter (words, etc) in unison
Word Origin
C16: from Latin, from Greek khoros