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Pronunciation of Chopped: Learn how to pronounce Chopped in English correctly

Learn how to say Chopped correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chopped:

past participle of verb, past tense of verb
of chop

Word forms: chops, chopping, chopped
often foll by down or off to cut (something) with a blow from an axe or other sharp tool
(transitive) to produce or make in this manner ⇒ to chop firewood
(transitive) often foll by up to cut into pieces
(transitive) (British, informal) to dispense with or reduce
(intransitive) to move quickly or violently
(sport) to hit (a ball) sharply downwards
(boxing, martial arts) to punch or strike (an opponent) with a short sharp blow
(West Africa) an informal word for eat
a cutting blow
the act or an instance of chopping
a piece chopped off
a slice of mutton, lamb, or pork, generally including a rib
(Australian & New Zealand, slang) a share (esp in the phrase get or hop in for one’s chop)
(West Africa) an informal word for food
(Australian & New Zealand) a competition of skill and speed in chopping logs
(sport) a sharp downward blow or stroke
See not much chop
See the chop
Word Origin
C16: variant of chap1