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Pronunciation of Chipped: Learn how to pronounce Chipped in English correctly

Learn how to say Chipped correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chip:

transitive verb
Word forms: chipped, ˈchipping
(rare) to cut or chop with an ax or other sharp tool
to break or cut a small piece or thin slice from
to break or cut off (a small piece or pieces)
to shape by cutting or chopping ⇒ to chip a hole in the ice
(tennis) to hit (a ball) in a short, soft shot with backspin
intransitive verb
to break off in small pieces ⇒ this paint chips easily
to lose or be inherently subject to losing a small part or parts of itself ⇒ the plate will chip easily
(golf) to make a chip shot
(tennis) to hit a short, soft shot with backspin