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Pronunciation of Chiming: Learn how to pronounce Chiming in English correctly

Learn how to say Chiming correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chime:

an individual bell or the sound it makes when struck
(often plural) the machinery employed to sound a bell in this way
Also called: bell. a percussion instrument consisting of a set of vertical metal tubes of graduated length, suspended in a frame and struck with a hammer
a harmonious or ringing sound ⇒ the chimes of children’s laughter
agreement; concord
to sound (a bell) or (of a bell) to be sounded by a clapper or hammer
to produce (music or sounds) by chiming
(transitive) to indicate or show (time or the hours) by chiming
(transitive) to summon, announce, or welcome by ringing bells
(intransitive) foll by with to agree or harmonize
to speak or recite in a musical or rhythmic manner
Derived Forms
ˈchimer noun
Word Origin
C13: probably shortened from earlier chymbe bell, ultimately from Latin cymbalumcymbal