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Pronunciation of Cheered: Learn how to pronounce Cheered in English correctly

Learn how to say Cheered correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cheer:

1 [no object] shout for joy or in praise or encouragement:
she cheered from the sidelines
(as adjective cheering)
a cheering crowd
[with object] praise or encourage with shouts:
MPs rose to cheer the Chancellor
the cyclists were cheered on by the crowds
2 [with object] give comfort or support to:
he seemed greatly cheered by my arrival
(cheer someone up or cheer up) make or become less miserable:
[with object]:
I asked her out to lunch to cheer her up
[no object]:
he cheered up at the sight of the food
1a shout of encouragement, praise, or joy:
a tremendous cheer from the audience
2 (also good cheer) [mass noun] cheerfulness, optimism, or confidence:
an attempt to inject a little cheer into this gloomy season
food and drink provided for a festive occasion:
they had partaken heartily of the Christmas cheer

of good cheer
archaic cheerful; optimistic.
three cheers
three successive hurrahs shouted to express appreciation or congratulation:
three cheers for the winners!
two cheers
qualified approval or mild enthusiasm:
larger companies gave at least two cheers for the Budget
what cheer?
archaic how are you?.

Middle English: from Old French chiere ‘face’, from late Latin cara, from Greek kara ‘head’. The original sense was ‘face’, hence ‘expression, mood’, later specifically ‘a good mood’