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Pronunciation of Cheek: Learn how to pronounce Cheek in English correctly

Learn how to say Cheek correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cheek:

1either side of the face below the eye:
tears rolled down her cheeks
either of the inner sides of the mouth:
Gabriel had to bite his cheeks to keep from laughing
2either of the buttocks.
3either of two side pieces or parts arranged in lateral pairs in a structure.
4 [in singular] talk or behaviour regarded as rude or lacking in respect:
he had the cheek to complain
[with object] British informal
speak impertinently to:
Frankie always got away with cheeking his elders
cheek by jowl
close together:
they lived cheek by jowl in a one-room flat
[from a use of jowl in the sense ‘cheek’; the phrase was originally cheek by cheek]
cheek to cheek
(of two people dancing) with their heads close together in a romantic way:
they were dancing cheek to cheek to a stereo in the apartment
turn the other cheek
refrain from retaliating when one has been attacked or insulted.
[with biblical allusion to Matt. 5:39]
[in combination]:
Old English cē(a)ce, cēoce ‘cheek, jaw’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch kaak