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Pronunciation of Charting: Learn how to pronounce Charting in English correctly

Learn how to say Charting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chart:

a sheet of information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram:
the doctor recorded her blood pressure on a chart
(usually the charts) a weekly listing of the current bestselling pop records:
she topped the charts for eight weeks
a geographical map or plan, especially one used for navigation by sea or air:
a chart of the English coast
(also birth chart or natal chart) Astrology a circular map showing the positions of the planets in the twelve houses at the time of someone’s birth, from which astrologers are said to be able to deduce their character or potential.
1 [with object] make a map of (an area):
Cook charted the coasts and waters of New Zealand
plot (a course) on a chart:
the pilot found his craft taking a route he had not charted
record the progress or development of:
the poems chart his descent into madness
a major series charting the history of country music
2 [no object] (of a record) sell enough copies to enter the music charts at a particular position:
the record will probably chart at about No. 74
late 16th century: from French charte, from Latin charta ‘paper, papyrus leaf’ (see card1)