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Pronunciation of Charter: Learn how to pronounce Charter in English correctly

Learn how to say Charter correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word charter:

a formal document from the sovereign or state incorporating a city, bank, college, etc, and specifying its purposes and rights
(sometimes capital) a formal document granting or demanding from the sovereign power of a state certain rights or liberties
a document issued by a society or an organization authorizing the establishment of a local branch or chapter
a special privilege or exemption
(often capital) the fundamental principles of an organization; constitution ⇒ the Charter of the United Nations
the hire or lease of transportation
the agreement or contract regulating this
(as modifier) ⇒ a charter flight
a law, policy, or decision containing a loophole which allows a specified group to engage more easily in an activity considered undesirable ⇒ a beggars’ charter
(maritime law) another word for charterparty